The KASTELL Systemy Szczotek Przemysłowych company was established in Wrocław in 1999. From a small, several-person company specializing in the trade and production of municipal brushes, we have become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial brushes in Poland.
At KASTELL, we believe that to create and deliver high-quality products, you must invest in the latest available technologies and knowledge.
High quality products and individual approach to customer service were from the beginning and are still our priorities. Therefore, during more than twenty years of activity, we have focused on investments in CAD design software, systems supporting customer service, logistics process and production as well as modern, digitally controlled machines.
A modern machinery park and our own design office enable us to produce disc, roller and blade brushes for practically any sweepers (including an airport) available on the Polish market, a cleaning machine or a scrubber. In addition, we produce a range of high quality technical and specialist brushes according to individual customer needs (including vegetables and fruit, animals, wastewater treatment plants, conveyors, screens and many more).
We constantly observe and examine the needs of the growing internal cleaning market. That is why we have expanded our offer with high-quality cleaning pads, rubber astringents, pad holders and suction motors for virtually every available cleaning machine on the Polish market.
The recipients of our products emphasize that Kastell products work in every, even the most difficult conditions, are characterized by high quality, while the customer service and logistics process deserve recognition. The proof of recognition is the SUPER BRAND distinctions we have gained in 2016, 2017, 2017, 2018, 2019 and LAUR KLIENTA in the years 2017,2018.


Kastell Systemy Szczotek Przemysłowych J.Poschlod,
P.Maj Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k.

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