A wide range of products used in the cleaning process requires the users to have appropriate knowledge and experience to properly choose the tools for the work carried out. Proper selection of tools and chemicals for cleaned surfaces allows to reduce the time required to perform the work and achieve the desired effect, as well as minimize costs.
Companies that base their development on knowledge and experience succeed!
Therefore, it is necessary to regularly train employees responsible for maintaining cleanliness and supply, so that they are always up to date with technological development. For this reason, we offer training sessions and seminars tailored to our clients' needs by our expert - Jaroslaw Zawadzki - Certified Coach of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Purity.
During our trainings you will learn, among others:
  • How to choose the right pad for work on a selected surface?
  • How to choose the right brush?
  • How to plan work to get the desired effect in the shortest time?
  • How to clean ecologically and minimize the use of chemistry?
Who are our training prepared for?
  • The managers of facilities responsible for cleaning
  • Cleaning staff
  • Sales managers
  • Service technicians of cleaning machines
If you are interested in participating in our trainings, please contact us. We are happy to present an individual offer to your needs..


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