Wide sweep rings are the special type of cylindrical brushes, characterized by a segmental construction. The modular nature of the brushes make them ideal for creating larger cleaning sets, while maintaining the properties of the roller brush and benefiting from the freedom to expand sets suitable for ring brushes.

Type of filled material:

polypropylene (PP) in various diameters + flat wire 3,3 x 0,6 mm (MIX)
polypropylene (PP) in various diameters + crimped wire 0,5 mm (MIX)
polypropylene (PP) in various diameters
polyamid (PA) in various diameters


  • plastic segment standard dimensions (inner/outer): 60/40 mm, 125/85 mm, 200/163 mm or on demand


  • square profile, standard dimensions: 34 x 34 mm, 41 x 41 mm, 46 x 46 mm, 51 x 51 mm, 61 x 61 mm, hexagonal or on demand.

Not sure how to choose the right gutter broom? E-mail us or call us. e would be happy to advise you in choosing the optimal solution for you.


wide sweep rings right



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